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In our adult lives, a year can go by so quickly with so few changes – in fact, it’s often easy to look back on the last five years and be surprised by how little our lives have changed. In your baby’s first year of life, on the other hand, they transform from a tiny newborn that can’t do much besides crying and eating to an active and spirited little child, sometimes even walking and talking. 

You may not be able to get that year back, but with milestone photography, you can look back on the journey any time you want.

What Is Milestone Photography?

A milestone photography session is a portrait session that celebrates a milestone in your baby’s first year of life. For example, many families do a milestone portrait session when their baby is six months old, then nine months old, then one year old. Along with their newborn portraits, these milestone portraits tell the story of their baby’s magical first year.

What Is a Cake Smash Photography Session?

One unique type of milestone portrait session is a cake smash session. This is a popular tradition for a baby’s first birthday. Along with other baby portraits, you bring in a special cake for your baby to dig into and photograph those fun, messy moments of your baby with their first birthday cake.

To book your milestone photography session or for more details about these special photo sessions, contact Heather’d Violet Photography today.

Whether you want just one-year portraits for your baby or you want to set up milestone portraits for each stage in their first year, I’m here to help! My Lafayette, IN photo studio has everything we need to create beautiful custom portraits, including a variety of outfits you can use from my client closet.

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