5 Things Your Newborn Photographer Wants You to Know


Lafayette, IN photographer offers tips on newborn sessions

Your baby’s newborn photography session is an incredible, one-of-a-time way to celebrate your new child. As a newborn photographer, I want to make your experience as magical and memorable as possible! That’s why I’m sharing these top things your newborn photographer wants you to know for your photo session.

baby photographer near me, LaFayette IN infant portrait studio

Hiring A Photographer Means You Don’t Need to Stress About the Details

Your baby’s newborn portraits are an investment you’ll cherish for life, and you want them to be perfect. I get it! But please don’t stress about the details – whether your baby sleeps or how much they’ll sleep during the session, how your hair looks, etc. This should be a milestone experience in your life for you to enjoy, so let me manage those details and you simply relax and take it all in. Rest assured that I can create beautiful portraits regardless.

Your Baby Will Call the Shots

As tiny as your baby might be, during their newborn photo shoot, they’re the boss! How your baby is feeling and whether they’re comfortable in certain poses and circumstances will determine the types of photos I take during their session, and when they need a break, we take a break. Don’t worry – newborn photography is all about adaptability and I know exactly how to adapt your session to suit your baby.

This does, however, mean that I can’t guarantee any specific poses or looks. Some babies are unhappy in a particular pose, some babies are only happy while they’re wrapped, and so on. Your baby’s comfort and safety are my top priorities, and taking cues from your baby in this way helps me to keep them safe.

baby photographer near me, LaFayette IN infant portrait studio

Newborn Photography Requires Safety Precautions

Many parents don’t realize they need to ask about safety in their newborn photos, but for any experienced photographer, it’s a critical consideration. As a newborn photographer, I use special techniques to make sure your baby’s head is always supported and that they’re safe in every set and position.

Keep in mind that there is no licensing or certification system in place for newborn photographers – legally, anyone can offer this service. Make sure you seek out a newborn photographer who has taken dedicated training in safety for newborn photography because not every photographer on the market has.

Your Baby Will Probably Get Messy…and That’s Okay

Let’s be honest – bodily fluids happen during newborn photography. Parents often worry about their baby peeing or pooping during nude portraits, or spitting up during their photo session. There’s a good chance that it will happen, and that’s okay! I promise you that I’ve seen it all and I don’t mind – it’s just part of the job.

baby photographer near me, LaFayette IN infant portrait studio

We Love When You Share Your Photos (with Credit)

From a legal perspective, the copyright for a photo belongs to whoever took the photo – in this case, your photographer. With that said, I absolutely love it when my clients are proud of their portraits and want to share them on social media! You’re welcome to do this as much as you choose as long as you credit the photographer (a simple “photos taken by Heather’d Violet Photography” in the caption is all you need).

Booking Your Newborn’s Session With Professional Photographer

I’d be honored to create your custom newborn photos and give you a wonderful, memorable experience along the way. Contact Heather’d Violet Photography to book your session today. And don’t forget to follow along on Instagram.

Heather’d Violet Photography is based out of Lafayette, Indiana and is owned and operated by Heather Toro, who specializes in maternity and newborn photography, as well as families under McCaffry Photography, LLC. heather’d violet Photography serves Lafayette, Indiana, and all surrounding areas.

baby photographer near me, LaFayette IN infant portrait studio

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