Sibling Newborn Portraits: Tips and What to Expect


Heather Toro Blog | April 2024

Your baby’s newborn session is a special moment for your entire family. It’s part of the celebration of welcoming your new little one to the family. That’s why many families choose to have not only portraits of their newborn but also portraits of the new baby with their proud big brothers or sisters.

At my Lafayette, IN photo studio, newborn sibling portraits are available as an option with my All the Things newborn photography package. If you’re considering sibling photos in your newborn photo session, here’s a glimpse of what to expect and tips for a smoother experience.

What to Expect When Taking Sibling Newborn Photos

If we’re including sibling portraits in your newborn photography, I’ll need to do some additional planning, so I ask each client about this option when we’re booking the photo session. Once this is confirmed, I’ll also give you guidance about what your older kids should wear for the session.

When it’s time for your photo session, I’ll take the sibling portraits first. This way, your older kids can finish with their part of the photo shoot while we still have their patience and good mood in our favor.

Tips for Smoother Sibling Newborn Photos

As with any other type of photo shoot, the right preparation can help your newborn photo session go more smoothly, especially when your baby’s big brothers or sisters are involved. Check out these tips for sibling newborn portraits.

Have a Plan for After the Sibling Photos

Typical newborn photo shoots last for several hours. That’s a long time for your baby’s siblings to be cooped up in the studio! If they get antsy and start running around, it becomes a safety risk as well because of the equipment I have throughout the studio. It’s best to either have one parent leave with the siblings after the family portraits are done, or to have a grandparent or sitter pick up the siblings. 

Prepare Siblings for What to Expect

Chat with your kids in advance about the photo session and what they can expect. Be positive about the experience and explain that this is a special time to celebrate their baby sister or brother. You can even show them other sibling newborn photos from other families so they have an idea of what they’ll be doing.

Know What Your Kids Can and Can’t Do in Advance

Portraits of kids sitting and holding their new baby brother or sister can be utterly adorable! But of course, not all siblings are ready for this depending on their age and development. It helps to try it out at home first if you’re not sure whether your child can hold your baby safely.

Planning Newborn Photos for the Whole Family

It’s always an honor to capture the amazing love between families and their new bundles of joy, and I’d be proud to do this for your growing family too. To start planning, contact Heather’d Violet Photography in Lafayette, IN.

heather’d violet Photography is based out of Lafayette, Indiana, and is owned and operated by Heather Toro, who specializes in maternity and newborn photography. heather’d violet Photography serves Lafayette, Indiana, and all surrounding areas.

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