Newborn Photography Ideas for Your Baby’s First Photo Shoot


Newborn portraits are heirlooms you will always cherish, celebrating the incredible event of welcoming your new baby into the world. While planning your newborn photography session, your photographer will ask you about any special requests – particular poses you love, themes you want to incorporate, and so on.

You can always, of course, just tell your photographer to plan whatever they think is best. If you want to customize your baby’s portraits, though, consider these fun newborn photography ideas.

Incorporate Special Mementos

Do you have items that are particularly meaningful to your family? A family heirloom, a military or first responder uniform for you or your spouse, a special blanket knitted by the proud new grandma – items like these are sure to be precious to your baby as they grow up. I can find quaint and creative ways to incorporate them into your baby’s portraits so they’ll be able to look back and cherish these early influences in their life.

Choose Display-Friendly Color Schemes for Your Newborn Photography

Trying to think of newborn photography ideas? Try starting from the end. Where do you plan to display your baby’s portraits when they’re finished? Maybe you have a particular wall or room that would be perfect for this custom artwork. Think about that room and its color scheme, and imagine what colors would fit best in that spot. Your baby’s portraits don’t all need to follow that color scheme, but ask your photographer for several so you can choose your favorite.

Consider Adding Your Favorite Things

One of the greatest joys in raising kids is introducing them to the things you love and sharing your interests with them. You can incorporate items from your hobbies and interests into your baby’s newborn portraits, hopefully making these the first photos of you and your child sharing some of your favorite hobbies together.

This could include items from your favorite sport, for example. Or maybe you love cooking and we can photograph your baby with a chef hat and an apron, surrounded by cooking supplies. Whatever your hobby is, I’ll find a way to involve it in your baby’s portraits.

Celebrate a Special Time of the Year

It’s always fun to pay homage to the season when your baby was born. For instance, I can incorporate bright and beautiful floral themes if your baby was born in the spring, or cozy fall themes for a baby born in autumn. You can also have a few portraits from your baby’s first holiday season, whether they were born during the holidays or you’re just thinking ahead and want a great picture for your holiday cards.

Planning Your Baby’s Newborn Photography

It can be tough to know where to start with planning your child’s newborn photography, but here’s the good news: you’re not in it alone. At my Lafayette, IN portrait studio, I’ll take care of planning, styling, and customizing your session so you can sit back and relax. Book your newborn session today and let’s start planning.

Baylen brought his special blanket with him for his session.

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