Lifestyle Newborn Photography vs. Studio Newborn Photography: What’s the Difference?


Newborn photography is an incredible gift you can give to your family and one that you will all treasure. If you’ve had children before, you know how much fun it is to watch those incredible little smiles and blinks, and to see those teeny little fingers and toes. With newborn portraits, you can revisit those moments even when your “baby” has babies of their own.

When you book your newborn portrait session, though, should you book lifestyle newborn photography or studio newborn photography? It’s purely a matter of personal preference, so let’s talk about the differences between them.

What Is Lifestyle Newborn Photography?

Lifestyle newborn photography is all about capturing snapshots of your daily life with your baby. We take these portraits at your home, primarily in your baby’s nursery. They’re designed to have an authentic feel and capture the beauty of your newly growing family in your home environment.

What Is Studio Newborn Photography?

While lifestyle newborn photography happens in your home, studio newborn photography takes place, of course, in my studio. Studio newborn portraits are the traditional posed portraits you see most often – solo portraits of your baby cozy in a wrap or nude with quaint, cozy backgrounds.

What Type of Newborn Photography Should You Choose?

In deciding between lifestyle newborn photos and studio newborn photos, it’s purely a matter of personal preference. It comes down to the look and feel you want for your baby’s first professional portraits, as well as how you want to display or cherish these portraits.

Generally, lifestyle photography has a more genuine “slice of life” feel. When you look back on these portraits, it transports you back to these moments even more because you’re seeing not only your baby but the nursery where you spent so many hours bonding with them.

Studio photography, on the other hand, is more customizable. As a photographer, I’ve set up my studio to give me complete control over the lighting, coloration, and more. I can create specific color palettes and looks to suit your tastes, as well as themed portraits and more.

There’s also the question of who is the center of your baby’s newborn portraits. Studio photography focuses almost entirely on solo portraits of your beautiful baby. In a lifestyle photo shoot, the family is more involved – you and your partner as well as any siblings (or even pets!) your baby has.

Booking the Newborn Photo Shoot of Your Dreams

Deciding between lifestyle newborn portraits and studio newborn portraits all comes down to your preferences and the vision you have for your baby’s portraits. If you’re not sure which route to go, I can help! As your friendly Lafayette, IN newborn photography, I’m happy to talk through the options with you and discuss the pros and cons of each type of session. We can even have two portrait sessions if you like, one in the studio and one at your home.

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