How to Prepare for a Baby Photography Session


Heather’d Violet Photography Blog | January 2024

Baby photography is a treasured tradition and a fantastic way to preserve memories of this special time in your family’s life. But how can you make sure your baby’s photo session goes as smoothly as possible and that you get the quality portraits of your dreams? On top of hiring a skilled photographer who specializes in baby photos, check out these tips to prepare for your baby’s photo session.

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Choose the Right Timing

Newborn photos, of course, are taken in your baby’s first weeks of life, but for other baby photos, the timing is up to you. While you can get beautiful baby photos at any point in your baby’s first year, there’s a particular window that I recommend. It’s called a sitter session and it takes place after your baby can sit up on their own but before they hit that point when they’re crawling everywhere.

During that window, your baby is old enough to be alert and happy for the camera and their precious little personality is starting to show through. At the same time, they aren’t so mobile that we have to chase them all over the studio or struggle to keep them in front of the camera.

Bring Some Smile-Makers

Is there anything sweeter than a baby’s smile? I don’t think there is, and those little smiles are what we want in your baby photos. While I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve, I encourage parents to also bring items they have at home that make their baby smile. Ideally, these should be things they don’t have to hold because, once we hand your baby something, they won’t want to let go and it will end up in your portraits.

Note that those “smile-makers” don’t just have to be toys or items. If there’s a song your baby loves, have it available on your phone. If there’s a funny face Dad makes that gets a giggle every time, make sure Dad comes to the session.

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Make Sure Your Baby is Well-Rested

A rested baby is a happy baby! While you don’t have full control over how well-rested your baby is, I encourage you to do anything you can to make sure they’re not too tired for their photo session. That includes scheduling the session at a time that works well with their nap schedule, sticking to their routine in the days before so they sleep normally, and so on.

Bring Snacks

Food in the belly can do wonders for keeping a baby happy and camera-friendly. While you want to make sure your baby eats before the photo session, it’s a good idea to bring extra bottles or snacks too in case they get hungry during the session. Ideally, bring snacks they can eat quickly and that aren’t too messy (well, as non-messy as is possible when a baby is involved).

Planning for Your Baby Photography Session

The tips above can help you get the sweet and smiley baby photos of your dreams for your little one. If you’re ready to start planning the perfect photo session, contact Heather’d Violet Photography, and let’s chat!

heather’d violet Photography is based out of Lafayette, Indiana and is owned and operated by Heather Toro, who specializes in maternity and newborn photography, as well as families under McCaffry Photography, LLC. heather’d violet Photography serves Lafayette, Indiana, and all surrounding areas.

baby photography session Lafayette IN, baby photography packages, newborn baby photographer near me

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