What Parents Need to Know about Safety in Newborn Photography


Heather’d Violet Photography Blog | March 2024

As a parent, one of your strongest instincts, when your baby arrives (and even before they arrive), is to protect that little one at all costs. You follow all the precautions when it comes to car rides, sleeping safety, and so on. What many parents don’t realize, though, is that newborn photography needs to be done with special safety considerations too. Newborn photography can be a beautiful way to capture the early days of your child’s life. However, it is essential to prioritize keeping your newborn safe above all else.

As a newborn photographer in Lafayette, IN, I want every growing family to have a safe and comfortable newborn photography experience.

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Newborn Photography Requires Specific Safety Strategies

Newborn photography is quite different from other types of photography. In most photo sessions, there are few safety risks unless, perhaps, you’re trying to capture images in a difficult location like on a steep hill. But in newborn photography, we need to be cautious with your delicate bundle of joy to make sure their head is always supported, their breathing is always easy, and they’re in a secure place where they can’t fall. Some poses you see on social media actually use behind-the-scenes tricks to safely create the finished portraits.

For the best safety, a newborn photographer needs to have training in these techniques. This is one of several reasons why it’s not wise to take your own DIY newborn photos.

Not All Photographers Who Offer Newborn Photography Have Safety Training

As important as safety training is for proper newborn photography, it isn’t something that every newborn photographer has. Newborn photography isn’t regulated like some other services and fields. There’s no license or credential that is required by law for someone to offer newborn photos.

What this means is that you cannot assume that every newborn photographer knows how to perform the service in the safest way. Before you hire a newborn photographer, be sure to ask about their training in safety techniques and their experience in newborn portraits.

Flash Photography Isn’t Dangerous for Babies

Despite common myths, flash photography isn’t actually dangerous for a newborn baby’s eyes. Medical researchers have found no evidence of a risk. You can rest assured that your little one’s eyesight is safe with newborn photography.

A harsh flash can startle or disrupt a baby, just as it can do to any of us if we aren’t expecting it. But in newborn photos, we use a softer flash that creates a warm and sweet look and is also less likely to wake your baby . We want them to stay in their cozy sleep as much as possible!

You’re Always Welcome to Ask Questions About Safety

As a newborn photographer, I’m proud to say that I know my craft and I know how to perform it well. Ultimately, though, this is your precious child and you have the final say. If at any point in your photo session there’s a pose or a set that you’re uncomfortable with or if you want to know how I’m ensuring your baby’s safety, please ask! I’m always happy to answer questions or to change to a different pose if you prefer.

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Keeping Your Newborn Safe in Photos

Newborn photography is a beloved tradition and accidents or injuries are very rare. I take specific steps to avoid potential risks and make sure your baby is always safe and treated with care. To learn more or to book your newborn photos, contact Heather’d Violet Photography today.

heather’d violet Photography is based out of Lafayette, Indiana, and is owned and operated by Heather Toro, who specializes in maternity and newborn photography. heather’d violet Photography serves Lafayette, Indiana, and all surrounding areas.

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